Moscow State University scientists design quantum phone

Moscow State University scientists design quantum phone

The Quantum Optical Technologies Lab of the Faculty of Physics at Moscow State University has obtained successful results while investigating quantum communications.

Quantum technologies allow to comply with the principles of total protection of quantum network, thus they can be applied in the IT security sector (including bank transactions).

According to Sergei Kulik, the head of research and Professor at the Department of Quantum Electronics, a dialogue by the so-called quantum phone is entirely protected against voice interception and tapping.

He said that physical scientists from Moscow State University had created equipment ensuring total safety.

“Phones will be connected by optical fiber for transferring quantum states of light. These states generate private keys for encrypting a digitized signal of human speech,” Professor explained a new solution developed by Moscow State University scientists.

University’s media office notes that the invention of the quantum phone is a step towards implementation of the first Russian university quantum network.