Israeli scientists managed to overcome quantum measurements speed limit

Israeli scientists managed to overcome quantum measurements speed limit

Yesterday, physicists from Bar-Ilan University of Israel made a new scientific breakthrough. They were able to speed up the quantum communication by 5 times with overcoming the “speed limit” of quantum measurements.

Е is reported that low quantum measurement speed was the main reason for the slowdown in data transmission. Now this problem is fixed.

According to scientists, the process called "homodyne detection" is the basis of all quantum optics, as well as the main tool of quantum information analysis. However, the main obstacle on the way to broader scientific knowledge in this area is small quantum capacity, to be more precise – the available range of information perception, which is limited for modern electronic computers: from MHz to GHz. This is the reason for the gap between immediately available quantum information and the possibility of its processing and decoding.

What is the point of this scientific breakthrough of Israeli scientists? They managed to replace the electrical non-linearity (which is the main homodyne detection tool) with a regular old electrical impulse. No other parameter is changing, but the optical measurement becomes completely straight. This allows collecting several times more quantum information than before.

At the moment, this sensational scientific technology is at the testing stage. Scientists say that the complex development of the method they have created is necessary. However, the revolutionary nature of such a discovery is indisputable.


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