Quantum computer developer challenging IBM and Google

Quantum computer developer challenging IBM and Google

Robert Schoelkopf, developer of the quantum computer technology, which is now used in projects of Intel, Google and IBM, decided to compete with giant corporations. Together with his colleagues from Yale University, he created his own company, Quantum Circuits, which started working on its own model of a quantum computer. The NY Times is convinced that he has every chance of winning this race.

Schoelkopf’s startup attracted $18 million of investments from Sequoia Capital. The scientist himself said that his team understands the mechanics of creating quantum computers well enough to develop its own system, and do it even faster than the industry leaders, despite the fact that they are using the same technology.

The whole point is in the approach – while Intel, Google and IBM are working on large quantum machines and eliminating errors in their work, Schoelkopf and his colleagues are creating a series of minicomputers on quantum chips. The idea is that these devices can be combined into a single much more stable network and its errors will be much easier to correct. The computing capacity of such a network will not be worse than the one of powerful machines created by digital giants.

Sequoia Capital CEO Bill Coughran, the project's chief investor, noted that Quantum Circuits is already on its way to providing quantum computing services – for both scientific purposes and business.

The technology creator, Robert Schoelkopf, also believes that it can be and should be commercialized.