New creative AI can conduct quantum experiments

New creative AI can conduct quantum experiments

AI works creatively now: Austrian scientists from the University of Innsbruck (Leopold-Franzens-Universitat Innsbruck) have developed an AI, which is able to autonomously conduct experiments with quantum optics.

This project showed that AI can be extensively used in science, in ways that until now, have not been suggested by scientists.

This artificial intelligence stores in its memory different fragments of positive and negative experience in solving problems. This experience integrated into one system allows AI to immediately reject experiments that are doomed to failure and offer something promising instead. The machine models an experiment virtually and scientists then simply recreate it in reality.

AI opens great opportunities for science. It is able to perform tens of thousands of experiments in a virtual laboratory table for quantum experiments with photons. At first, the table is empty and then AI ​​starts developing new experiments. Some of them turn out to be useless others give results. In this case, AI ​​remembers the sequence of actions and probabilities.

The AI ​​has thus obtained several results that are already known to researchers. However, the technology got them much faster. There are also structures that were completely new for physicists and soon they can be tested in reality.


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