New quantum system transfers data 5-10 times faster

New quantum system transfers data 5-10 times faster

A team of scientists from the Ohio State University and Duke University, as well as researchers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, have developed a quantum system capable of creating and transmitting encryption codes up to 10 times faster than analogs.

Daniel Gauthier from Ohio State University suggested, that quantum computers, capable of hacking existing cryptography codes, will be created in the foreseeable future. According to Daniel, experts should already start looking for the solution of the problem.

The existing quantum systems transmitted encryption keys too slowly to use them: one hundred kilobytes per second maximum. Now scientists are working on putting more information into one photon and thus increasing the transmission speed.

As the developers of new system explained, they found a way to encrypt not one bit, but two at once in one photon. To do this, the team synchronized phase of the photon and the time of its launch. In addition, the system uses new high-speed detectors, which were provided by the developers from Duke University.

The creators claim that their system is protected from all conventional cyber attacks, even taking into account possible vulnerabilities of the technology. In a perfect form, any outside interference in the keys transmission would cause an immediate error, scientists argue, but the equipment is not perfect yet. Therefore, researchers had to carefully study all of its parts and correct the system so that it is protected from hacking for sure.