Quantum computer is good at machine learning

Quantum computer is good at machine learning

A US-based startup called Rigetti Computing has managed to launch an artificial intelligence algorithm on a quantum computer. Besides, it has provided an access to the Forest cloud quantum computer that makes calculations on a 19-qubit processor.

The company has launched a clustering algorithm (a method of structuring data according to groups) on one of its quantum chips. Truly speaking, the experiment does not prove that quantum computers are ready to make a revolutionary breakthrough in machine learning: Rigetti’s algorithm is not yet able to do anything useful. However, William Zeng, Director of the Software & Applications Department at Rigetti Computing, believes that it is a significant achievement in improving quantum computer technology: “Clustering is a basic and complex mathematical problem. Previously, no one has managed to do it.”

Like many others, Rigetti applies a hybrid approach. It means that a superconductive quantum machine located in a cooling tower with extremely low temperature and a standard computer operate collaboratively. Moreover, William Zeng assures that such a concept is more module, which will allow to obtain advantages in scaling.

Christopher Monroe, a physicist from the University of Maryland, said that artificial intelligence could significantly influence the increase of quantum computer reliability. Therefore, providing all users with an access to Forest, the company will receive a useful feedback.