Researchers found a way to prove the existence of quantum gravity

Researchers found a way to prove the existence of quantum gravity

International team of researchers has developed a way to test quantum gravity that could be performed using existing technologies. If the method is successful, people will be able to answer the most critical questions of modern physics, as well as stop the conflict between the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, combining both into a single scientific field.

Quantum gravity was just a theory until now, it wasn’t easy to detect its effects using existing scientific methods, since the effects appear only at very high-energy scales, which are roughly 15 orders of magnitude beyond those accessible by the Large Hadron Collider. That is why a group of specialists began working on a new method based on noncommutativity measuring.

Most scientific theories considering quantum gravity use the noncommutative geometry of space and time nowadays. As a result, the conclusion is that there are no singularities, which have implications for other areas of research, such as black holes.

Scientists suggest looking for evidence supporting the idea that the structure is noncommutative. To do this, they propose to use micromechanical oscillator to detect any changes in the conventional commutative relations. If the changes are detected, this will prove the noncommutative structure, and produce optical phase shift, which can be measured with sufficiently high levels of accuracy.

The accuracy of measurements, scientists suppose, may be enough to access the energy scale near the Planck length. This will be a test of noncommutative theories of quantum gravity.