Spanish scientists created a quantum analogy of life

Spanish scientists created a quantum analogy of life

Spanish researchers became the only ones to create a quantum model of life. They presented several versions of quantum evolution, which explain how complexities appeared in the quantum world and organic life in the real world.

Scientists have carried out a research, dividing quantum "life" into 2 components – genotype and phenotype. Genotype describes the genetic code. Phenotype is a form of genotype manifestation, a kind of "body", that is, something that interacts with the world.

The meaning of this experiment is to translate features of Darwin's theory of evolution to the language of quantum algorithms. Any unit of quantum "life" consists of 1 qubit for genotype and 1 qubit for phenotype.

At the first stage, the genotype qubit transmits the information. At the second stage, genotype state transforms into phenotype state. At the third stage, phenotype interacts with the environment and eventually dissipates, which corresponds with aging and death in real life.

Another important point of evolution is the difference between individuals. In the case of normal evolution, this occurs through sexual recombination or mutations. In the case of quantum "life", researchers took the second option as a basis and carried out mutations of quantum states.