Physicists managed to change the march of time

Physicists managed to change the march of time

According to, a group of scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute and the University of Copenhagen has put into reverse the time for a pair of interconnected particles – qubits.

By the way, their spinning can be controlled.

‘We encode qubits in the direction that an electronic spin is pointing and process the quantum data by rotating spins around different axes,’ told one of the project heads Frederico Martins.

Moreover, his colleague Filip Malinowski emphasized that qubits can move in reverse gear only under certain circumstances.

‘Our experiments were conducted at 0.02 oC above zero. We were able to create this temperature thanks to special equipment – a so-called dilution refrigerator,’ explained the expert.

Qubits reverse moving can be accelerated by quantum calculations with increased precision.

The results of the research were demonstrated as part of experiments within the quantum environment. Nuclear magnetic resonance let the scientists heat qubits to different temperatures. Then, they tracked the changes and defined the direction of the heat flow. Nuclei of Carbon-13 and Hydrogen in chloroform solution were taken for qubits.

It should be noted that qubits are a base for quantum computers. Their development is still in its infantry. This May, IBM made own quantum computer publically accessible.