About us

Quantum Technology Conference is a conference about how quantum cryptography and communication will change the digital economy as well as optimize data and money operations.

Audience: banks, scientific research and government institutions, telecommunication operators, data centers and those desiring to use innovations for developing the digital economy infrastructure.


  • to increase speed and security standards;
  • to protect customers’ and organization’s personal data and money;
  • to get acquainted with leading manufacturers and developers;
  • to invest in breakthrough technologies;
  • to discover the latest achievements in quantum communication technologies.

Every topic, speakers will move from basic concepts to implementation. As the result, you will be able to realize advantages and disadvantages of quantum calculations and encrypting as well as select the best possible solution for money and private data operations.

The conference aimed to help to elaborate your own vision of quantum technology usefulness. You won’t find this on the Internet.

We revealed the following issues:

  • the concept of quantum networks and quantum computers;
  • hybrid technologies: conventional networks, quantum part;
  • how to integrate quantum cryptography and communication into the existing infrastructure;
  • key players of the Russian quantum technology market;
  • where to find a contractor;
  • myths and facts about blockchain and cryptocurrency security in the quantum computing age;
  • how to establish a startup and grow it up to a high-tech company, and where to find contractors;
  • government policy, standards and regulation of quantum technologies.

Personal experience

At the conference, speakers discussed personal experience and currently existing technologies.

If you have any questions, please contact us: a.anopolsky@smileexpo.ru

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